[채용] 국제이주기구(IOM)한국대표부 Policy and Communications Coordinator 모집

Open to Internal and External Candidates


Position Title     :   Policy and Communications Coordinator

Duty Station    :    Seoul, Republic of Korea

Classification     :    General Service Staff, Grade G6

Type of Appointment     :    Special Short Term (SST), Nine months with possibility of extension

Estimated Start Date    :    As soon as possible 

Closing Date    :    October 24, 2019


Established in 1951, IOM is a Related Organization of the United Nations,  and  as  the leading UN agency in the field of migration, works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners. IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. It does so by providing services and advice to governments and migrants. IOM is committed to a diverse and inclusive environment. Internal and external candidates are eligible to apply to this vacancy. For the purpose of  the vacancy,  internal  candidates are considered as first-tier candidates.



Under the direct supervision of the Head of Office (HoO) in Republic of Korea (RoK), and in coordination with relevant  units  at the Headquarters (HQs) and the Regional Office (RO),  the successful candidate will provide technical support for the development and implementation of specific thematic activities at mission level as illustrated in the core functions and responsibility section.


Core Functions / Responsibilities:


  1. Monitor internal and external environment and relevant policy, legislative and political developments, emerging trends and provide regular updates to the mission.
  2. Support the HoO in Identifying migration policy issues in the Republic of Korea (RoK).
  3. Support the HoO in identifying, promoting and fostering strategic, partnerships with academic institutions, think tanks, research institutions and the civil societies, and conceptualize policy-oriented research.
  4. Assist with the preparation of statements, background documents and reports for relevant meetings with governments, international organizations, Civil Society Organizations(CSOs) and others.
  5. Contribute guidance for the dissemination and exchange of information and documentation on global migration policy issues and institutional positions and by issuing requests for action as appropriate.
  6. Prepare responses to ad-hoc requests from the partners on migration issues.
  7. Assist  in the drafting of  papers on migration policy issues and contribute to policy and program formulation.
  8. Manage and organize events including drafting and sending out briefings and invites, coordinating response, liaising with venues and organizing logistics.
  9. Prepare and edit mission’s SNS, briefing notes, press releases, media talking points, etc.
  10. Manage relationship with Korean media.
  11. Support staff members of IOM ROK’s in various projects and initiatives as needed.
  12. Perform such other duties as may be assigned.


Required Qualifications and Experience



  • University degree in Political or Social Science, Business Administration,  International Relations, Media, Law, Migration Studies or a related field from an accredited academic with four years of relevant professional experience.




  • Experience in project design, management, implementation, administration of migration issues;
  • Experience in preparing narrative and financial project reports, statements and/or projections;
  • Strong skills in the development of log frames, result matrices and work plans;
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate with a wide variety of audiences;
  • Work experience in the country is an asset.



Complete fluency in both Korean and English is required (oral and written).


Required Competencies

The incumbent is expected to demonstrate the following values and competencies:



  • Inclusion and respect for diversity: respects and promotes individual and cultural differences; encourages diversity and inclusion wherever possible.
  • Integrity and transparency: maintains high ethical standards and acts in a manner consistent with organizational principles/rules and standards of conduct.
  • Professionalism: demonstrates ability to work in a composed, competent and committed manner and exercises careful judgment in meeting day-to-day challenges.

Core Competencies – behavioral indicators level 2

  • Teamwork: develops and promotes effective collaboration within and across units to achieve shared goals and optimize results.      
  • Delivering results: produces and delivers quality results in a service-oriented and timely manner; is action oriented and committed to achieving agreed outcomes.
  • Managing and sharing knowledge: continuously seeks to learn, share knowledge and innovate.
  • Accountability: takes ownership for achieving the Organization’s priorities and assumes responsibility for own action and delegated work.
  • Communication: encourages and contributes to clear and open communication; explains complex matters in an informative, inspiring and motivational way.



Any offer made to the candidate in relation to this vacancy notice is subject to funding confirmation.


Appointment will be subject to certification that the candidate is medically fit for appointment and verification of residency, visa and authorizations by the concerned Government, where applicable.


Only candidates residing in either the country of the duty station or from a location in a neighboring country that is within commuting distance of the duty  station  will  be considered. In all cases, a prerequisite for taking up the position is legal residency in the country of the duty station, or in the neighboring country located  within  commuting  distance, and work permit, as applicable.


How to apply:

Interested applicants should submit a PH or an CV (no more than four pages) and a cover letter (no more than one page) in English to iomseoul@iom.or.kr by midnight Thursday October 24, 2019 at the latest. Please indicate “IOM SVN KR2019-GS- 001 Application_Your name” in the subject line.

In order for an application to be considered valid, IOM only accepts online profiles duly completed. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. For further information please refer to: www.iom.int/recruitment


Posting period:

From 04.10.2019 to 24.10.2019

No Fees:

IOM does not charge a fee at any stage of its recruitment process (application, interview, processing, training or other fee). IOM does not request any information related to bank accounts.


VN Policy and Communications Coordinator, G6 – Internal and External


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안전하고, 질서 있고 정규적인 이주를 위한 글로벌 컴팩트

The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM)


2016 9 19, 역사상 처음으로 국가 정상들이 국제적인 차원에서 이주(Migration) 난민(Refugee) 이슈 논의하기 위해 유엔 총회에 모였습니. 이는 이주와 난민 이슈가 국제사회의 중요한 안건이 되었다는 강력한 정치적 메세지를 전 세계에 전달하는 계기가 되었습니다. 총회에 모인 각국 정상은 난민과 이주자를 위한 뉴욕 선언(New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, 이하 뉴욕선언) 채택했고, 193개의 유엔 회원국은 인간의 이동(Human Mobility) 대한 포괄적인 접근법 강화된 국제 협력의 필요성에 목소리를 모았습니다.


뉴욕 선언의 두 번째  아넥스(Annex) 문서는 안전하고, 질서 있고 정규적인 이주를 위한 글로벌 컴팩트 (이하 이주 글로벌 컴팩트 혹은 컴팩트) 발전을 위한 정부간 협의와 협상 절차의 물꼬를 열었습니다. 2년이 지나, 뉴욕선언은  2018년 12월 10일 모로코 마라케시(Marrakesh)에서 개최된 정부간 회의에서 이주 글로벌 컴팩트 채택이라는 결과물을 만들었고, 마라케시에 모인 유엔 회원국의 많은 정상들이 이주 글로벌 컴팩트를 채택했습니다. 곧이어, 2018년 12월 19일 이주 글로벌 컴팩트는 UN총회에서 정식 승인을 받게 되었습니다.


이주 글로벌 컴팩트는 유엔의 지원 하에 국제 이주에 대한 최초의 정부간 협의를 바탕으로 만들어진 합의문입니다. 동시에, 이주의 다층적인면을 전체적이고 (Holistic), 포괄적인 (Comprehensive)관점에서 고려했다는 의의를 갖고 있습니다. 이는 구속력이 없는 합의문으로, 영토에 누가 들어오고 머무는지에 대한 국가의 주권을 존중하면서도, 이주에 대한 국제적 협력을 약속하고 있습니다. 이주 글로벌 컴팩트가 갖는 또 다른 의미는, 이주 거버넌스 (Migration Governance)를 개선하고, 우리 사회가 직면하고 있는 이주 관련 이슈에 대응하며, 지속가능한 발전에 대한 이주자(Migrant)와 이주(Migration)의 기여를 증진시킬 수 있는 중요한 기회를 제공한다는 점입니다. 컴팩트는 안전하고, 질서 있고 정규적인 이주를 촉진하기 위한 약속인 2030지속가능발전의제 목표 10.7와도 동일한 방향에서 수립되었습니다. 구체적으로는 아래의 세 가지를 목표로 두고 있습니다.


  • 국제 이주 거버넌스에 대한 국제 협력을 지원한다.
  • 국제 이주에 관련된 긴급한 문제들에 대응하기 위해 국가가 시행할 수 있는 정책 방안들을 담은 포괄적인 이행안을 제시한다.
  • 각 국이 마주한 이주 현실과 역량에 맞추어 이주 정책을 이행할 수 있도록 충분한 공간과 유연성을 제공한다.

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IOM, 서울시와 세계 이주자의 날 캠페인 공동 주최

국제이주기구(IOM)는 서울특별시, (사)지구촌사랑나눔과 공동으로 오는 12월 18일부터 25일까지 서울광장에서 세계 이주자의 날 캠페인을 진행한다.

이 캠페인의 취지는 매년 12월 18일에 전 세계에서 기념하는 세계 이주자의 날을 맞아 한국을 비롯한 전 세계 이주자들의 노력과 공헌 및 그들의 권리를 인식하기 위함이다. 유엔 총회는 1990년 12월 18일 ‘모든 이주 노동자와 그 가족의 권리에 관한 협약’을 채택했다. 유엔은 이를 기념해 2000년부터 매년 12월 18일을 ‘세계 이주자의 날’로 선포했다.

세계 이주자의 날을 기념하기 위해 초대된 회원국, 정부 간 기구 및 비정부 기구는 이주자의 기본적인 권리를 알리고, 이주자를 보호하기 위한 조치를 계획하며, 이주관리에 대한 그간의 경험을 나누도록 권장된다.

이번에 서울광장에서 열리는 세계 이주자의 날 캠페인에서는 이주자에 대한 국민들의 긍정적인 인식을 고취하고, 그들의 사회적 공헌을 강조할 계획이다. 이번 세계 이주민의 날 캠페인의 두 가지 주요 주제인 “이주자의 사회 공헌”과 “당신에게 이주란 무엇입니까”는 이주자의 사회 공헌 및 다양한 이유로 일어나고 있는 이주현상에 대한 대중의 전반적인 인식 제고를 위해 IOM이 시작한 전 세계적 캠페인이다.

IOM 한국 대표부 박미형 소장은 “국내 이주자의 수는 170만 명에 육박하고 있으며 그 수는 계속 늘어나고 있는 추세이므로, 이주자의 권리를 보호하고 그들의 잠재력을 인정하며, 이들이 조화롭게 한국 사회에 통합될 수 있게 하는 것은 선진국의 대열에 합류한 대한민국에 매우 중요하다”고 강조하며 이주자에 대한 인식 개선을 위한 세계 이주자의 날의 캠페인에 대한 많은 관심을 호소했다.

박소장은 또한 “이주자들은 좀 더 다양하고 유연성 있는 한국 사회를 만드는데 중요한 기회를 제공한다”고 말하며 이번 캠페인이 이주자와 일반인 사이의 상호 이해를 증진시키는 계기가 될 것이라는 기대를 내비쳤다.

세계 이주자의 날 캠페인의 일환으로 12월 21일에는 IOM 한국대표부, 서울특별시, (사)지구촌사랑나눔, 국회의원 및 지역 이주자 공동체의 대표들과 400여 명의 이주자를 한 자리에 모으는 세계 이주자의 날 기념행사가 한국외국인력지원센터 강당에서 열린다. 박원순 서울특별시장은 영상을 통해 행사의 개회사를 전달할 예정이다.

IOM은 이주 분야에서 선도적인 정부 간 국제기구로써, 정부기관, 정부 간 기구 및 비정부 기구와 긴밀하게 협력한다. 한국을 비롯한 156개의 회원국과 10개의 참관국으로 이루어져 있는 IOM은 이주자와 사회 모두에 유익한 인도적이고 질서 있는 이주를 촉진하는데 전념하고 있다. IOM의 본부는 제네바에 있으며 IOM 한국대표부는 서울시에 위치하고 있다.


내용 문의:

IOM 커뮤니케이션 담당관 정은진

Email: ejeong@iom.int

Phone: 070 4820 2324

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IOM Distributes Non-Food Aid, Health Care in Boda: CAR Conflict Town

Posted on Tue, Apr-22-2014
Central African Republic - Over the past week IOM has distributed over 700 emergency relief kits including buckets, jerry cans, blankets, mosquito nets, mats, and soap to 1,400 households in Boda in the Central African Republic (CAR).

The distribution, to roughly a quarter of the town’s displaced households, was made in close cooperation with Muslim and Christian displacement site leaders, who identified the most vulnerable, including pregnant women, the elderly and the sick. Kits were divided according to specific needs.

Boda is one of the most desperate cases in the Central African Republic (CAR) crisis. Divided along religious lines, hungry and exposed to the elements, people are in desperate need of food, shelter and medical assistance.

Approximately 1,000 homes were destroyed when the conflict flared up on 29 January between Seleka (Muslim-affiliated militia) and Anti-Balaka (Christian affiliated militia), most in mixed neighborhoods and on the streets that divide the Christian and Muslim neighborhoods. The Seleka have since departed, and the Anti-Balaka have an influential presence.

More than 19,500 Christians and 14,300 Muslims are now living at 11 displacement sites in Boda. Hundreds more continue live in the bush after fleeing the conflict.  Emaciated children are a common site within the Muslim enclave, which is surrounded by Anti-Balaka militia. French Sangaris and UNMISCA troops are providing security

Both the Christian and Muslim communities have asked the international community for help and on March 29th IOM opened a sub-office in the town.

An IOM doctor and six locally hired nurses now run a mobile medical clinic in Boda, alternating days between Christian and Muslim displacement sites and the Boda Hospital. The medical team distributes numbers to clinic visitors in order of arrival up to 100 and prioritizes the urgent cases. Those who cannot be helped are asked to return the next day.

The team’s stock of medicine has quickly run low because of the number of people requesting treatment. There are many serious cases of malnourished children, people living with HIV and TB without treatment, and occasional machete and gunshot wounds.

Before 29 January, Boda was considered a safe city. Many pastoralist families decided to bring their children to Boda and men returned to the bush. These families have been separated since the conflict began. Many are traumatized, still waiting for news of their loved ones and are requesting to go to Kenzo, an area to the west on the Cameroon-CAR border, where they believe their families may be.

IOM has already registered some 700 third country nationals who are requesting evacuation to Cameroon, Chad, Mali, Niger, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Approximately 60 per cent are children.

For more information please contact

Sandra Black
IOM Bangui
Email: sblack@iom.int
Tel. +236 7276 3411

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IOM Launches Report Highlighting Psychosocial Needs in South Sudan

org.jahia.services.content.JCRValueWrapperImpl@8557e701Posted on Wed, Apr-16-2014

South Sudan - IOM has issued a report on psychosocial needs and resources in South Sudan, highlighting serious protection and mental health concerns in a country that has been wracked by conflict as well as major deficiencies in the health care system.

The report is based on an assessment of the psychosocial support needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs) seeking protection on the UN peacekeeping compound in Bor. Forty-eight interviews with 192 individuals were conducted during the assessment, together with interviews and focus group discussions with humanitarian actors and community leaders.

The report aims to identify psychosocial needs, resources and gaps in displacement sites, and determine the existing technical resources and coordination mechanisms that could be mobilized in response to those needs. Furthermore, through sharing the report and opening dialogue on psychosocial needs, IOM aims to help build the psychosocial response capacity of humanitarian partners in the country.

The outbreak of conflict in December 2013 has displaced over one million South Sudanese from their homes and taken an enormous physical and emotional toll on the country.

When asked to identify their main feelings, over 80 per cent of the displaced persons interviewed in Bor expressed negative emotions, including fears and concerns, a general feeling of being emotionally unwell, and uncertainty and confusion about the future.

These findings emphasize the overwhelming need for more attention to be given to psychosocial support in the country’s displacement sites.

“Psychosocial support is about helping individuals, families and communities to develop and maintain their existing coping mechanisms,” said Guglielmo Schininá, Head of IOM’s Mental Health, Psychosocial Response and Intercultural Communication Section. “It is an approach that can potentiate humanitarian assistance as a whole and ultimately pave the way for dialogue among and between individuals, groups and communities.”

The report identifies a series of actions promoting well-being at the individual, family and community levels. These actions include support to activities promoting resilience, such as religious services and recreation activities for children, adolescents and adults, as well as training on psychosocial counselling for social workers within the community.

“The underlying emotional impact of conflict on individuals and families is often overlooked,” said IOM Migration Health Officer Haley E. West. “Failing to address these psychosocial needs can have a negative impact on communities and be a driver of future conflict.”

As a next step, IOM is working to fund a proposal based on this assessment to pilot a community-based psychosocial support project in Bor and other field locations throughout South Sudan.

The full report can be downloaded here: http://bit.ly/P002Gu

For more information, please contact

Harish Murthi
IOM Juba
Email: hmurthi@iom.int

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