(2014/9/5) IOM, 남수단에서 이민 관료 대상으로 역량강화 교육 실시

South Sudan - While South Sudan continues to grapple with widespread insecurity and mass displacement, IOM is continuing to build the new country’s limited administrative capacity.

IOM Juba this week hosted a five-day training on document examination, imposter recognition, and risk profiling for 22 officers from South Sudan’s Directorate of Nationalities, Passports and Immigration (DNPI).

The goal of the training was to improve the skills and capacity of immigration officers from Juba International Airport and the two most frequented border crossings into Uganda – Nimule and Kaya.

IOM is currently working closely with DNPI and international experts to develop an immigration processes and procedures manual and a set of border management training modules. These are crucial tools to ensure that border management policy decisions are understood and implemented by officers in the field. IOM constructed seven new border posts in South Sudan in 2013 and 2014.

To date, IOM delivered 27 technical trainings benefitting 675 officers. Topics addressed have included human-trafficking and smuggling, detection of forged documents, investigative skills, interviewing skills and overall migration management and policy principles.

The trainings and the construction of seven new border posts throughout the country were funded by the Government of Japan.

For more information please contact the

IOM South Sudan Programme Support Unit
Email: ssudanpsu@iom.int

Posted on Fri, Sep-05-2014

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